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My childhood was a happy one with many laughs, family dinners, and crooked birthday cakes.

A bit about me...

I grew up in Yardley, a small town in Pennsylvania. At the time, there were many cornfields and cows. Boredom was a popular sport. I lived in a red, brick house on Queens Drive with my mom, dad, two older brothers who picked on me regularly as a kid (less so as a grown-up) and dogs (first Missy and later Sam). My childhood was a happy one with many laughs, family dinners and crooked birthday cakes.

I love writing for children, but I didn’t take a direct path to that career. I weaved and bobbed through many unique opportunities on my way to becoming a writer. I studied psychology at Boston University and got my JD at Georgetown University School of Law. I was a ride operator at Sesame Place, spent time working in a furniture store, was a messenger, law library assistant, legal author, litigator, legal research and writing professor and college essay adviser.

Bazooka Joe

Not long after my writing began, I got the first sign that, indeed, this was the right path for me. I opened a piece of Bazooka Joe gum and wrapped around my sugary, pink delight was a fortune that read, “You have the ability to become outstanding in literature.”

Now I am a dedicated Bazooka gum fan and have read many fortunes over the years, but never had I nor have I since received a fortune such as that. I keep my fortune tacked next to my desk in my office.

In my office is also my writing companion, my puppy beagle named Lucy, who sleeps at my feet dreaming about when I will take a break from the computer and take her for a walk.

My family also includes my awesome husband and two amazing grown sons. Over the years, the family list has also included a pygmy hedgehog, gerbils, a hamster, fish and a few other dogs. Other than Lucy and my 4’6” 101-year-old gram (who rocks), I’m officially the shortest in my family.

Some other fun tidbits about me...

I have an affinity for words and phrases that make me sound a bit like my gram (or so I’ve been told). A few of my favorites – pickle (as in, I’m in a pickle), hullaballoo, and cockeyed.

I love a good book, crossword puzzles, the color green, the seasons (fall in particular), and a great pair of boots.

In February 2017, I was honored to be selected by School Library Connection as Author of the Month.

I’m represented by Tricia Lawrence of Erin Murphy Literary Agency

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Good News! Give and Take (Farrar Straus Giroux)

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