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A Talk With Dr. Kathleen Trainor About Tackling Anxiety in Our Kids

A Talk With Dr. Kathleen Trainor About Tackling Anxiety in Our Kids Do you ever wish for the right words to say or things to do when your child is feeling anxious? You know, the magic words that will calm...
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Just the beginning

WOOHOO – was the feeling that wrapped my entire body when I heard my agent Trish say the words I’d been waiting so long to hear, “You’ve got a book deal!” Then I screamed and cried and hugged and cried...
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With Thanksgiving days away, I divide my time between my kitchen and computer.  Write. Cook. Write. Cook. Repeat.  As I chop, dice, prep // plot, type, delete, I think. A lot. Sometimes my mind trails to finding the right balance...
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Kidlit Summer School

So I’ll be doing this for the next four weeks!  Kidlit Summer School. What could be better than diving into a little character development over the summer? Who wants to join me?
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RV’s, Doctors, Lawyers, Crossword Masters…Oh my!

  What does an RV trailer dealer, a crossword puzzle master, a doctor, and a lawyer have in common? (And this is the not the start of a bad joke!) These were all the people I spoke with to research my...
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Living outside the comfort zone

Reading my work aloud is like standing in front of a room full of people stark naked. And, at the age of 48, I can assure you that’s not happening.  But recently, in Vermont at a retreat with my EMLA...
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Good News! Give and Take (Farrar Straus Giroux)

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