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A book can be that kind, understanding friend.


Smart Cookie Classroom Set Giveaway!

Empathy. Kindness. Compassion. The traits of all the wonderful, smart cookie, educators and librarians who have so warmly welcomed me and Molly and Frankie into the kid lit community. My gratitude is boundless. And my heart is full. So to...
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It’s a Wrap!

Inspired. Grateful. Humbled. Those were the feelings I had when I left the NEATE conference last week. First, I want to thank all those whose hard work made this conference possible. It was a gift to all who attended. Next,...
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The Power of a Book

A book can be that kind, understanding friend. The one who allows you to truly feel, see, and be yourself. The one who loves you for you. A book can make a difference. While there is tons of research to support...
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Get Ready to Sparkle – giveaway!

GET READY TO SPARKLE!   It’s time for a Giveaway! Wish List – The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever! + Finding Perfect Spring is here and The Wish List – The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever! is coming to a bookshelf near...
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All the wonders

Hanging Out with Matthew Winner at All The Wonders Podcast

Last night I had the wonderful privilege of hanging out with Matthew Winner at the All the Wonders Podcast. Matthew welcomed me with warmth and kindness as we chatted about FINDING PERFECT. We talked about meeting Molly for the first...
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Dear Kids

In honor of OCD awareness week, I wrote an open letter to all kids. Dear kids, I wanted to share how proud I am of you and your bravery. I know some days it’s hard to wake up every morning,...
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Good News! Give and Take (Farrar Straus Giroux)

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