In honor of OCD awareness week, I wrote an open letter to all kids.

Dear kids,

I wanted to share how proud I am of you and your bravery. I know some days it’s hard to wake up every morning, go to school and make it work. You feel like you don’t fit in.  Or you fit in, but your little brother doesn’t. You don’t understand the book/math problem/homework assignment. Or you get it, but your friend doesn’t. You feel lonely. Or you don’t, but the girl across the room sitting by herself does.

No matter the day, you find a way to dig deep and be strong. And, I know that takes courage and strength and bravery. (And a good breakfast!) But, I also want you to know, those days that you feel like you might not be able to dig deep or be strong, that’s okay, too. Because we all have those moments. Those days.

And, on those days, the ones who love you most, have your back.

Your mom or your dad or your gram or your best friend or your teacher or your elderly neighbor who bakes you cookies or the kid who sits across from you in math or your librarian or your coach.

The point is, someone always has your back.

So wake up, head out to school, and just know that you are my hero.

Your biggest fan,


If you would like to learn more about OCD and kids, please visit


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