SMART COOKIE: GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR INGREDIENTS. A workshop on embracing your own idiosyncrasies and your herd. 45-60 min.

We’re all Smart Cookies with herds who love and support us. Sometimes, however, that can be hard to see. This workshop allows readers to recognize and embrace their unique traits and herd. It celebrates each reader’s uniqueness, and gives them a sense of their broad support group.

The workshop invites readers to consider their personal idiosyncrasies as the ingredients that make them smart cookies, the very things that make them unique and special. Each reader will be given a clear plastic cup or jar labeled “Smart Cookie”. They’ll write down their own idiosyncrasies or ingredients on pieces of paper and place them in the jar. Readers will then brainstorm a list of the people in their life who support them. Not just their family, but the whole “herd” of people who sees and honors them and all their idiosyncrasies. Those names will also be written down and dropped into the jar. As the workshop wraps up, readers will be able to see a jar that holds what makes them Smart Cookies – their unique traits and their unique herd.

This workshop can be adapted to older classrooms by using hashtags, playlists and/or poetry to have readers express their idiosyncrasies and their thoughts on their herd.

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