Tell Me a Story – A writing workshop on POV. 45-60 min.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll be talking point of view and authenticity in writing. Finding Perfect is written in Molly’s 1st person POV, but it wasn’t always that way. We’ll read an early draft of Finding Perfect written in alternating 1st person POV between Molly and Hannah. We’ll see how many differences we can spot between this draft and the final book, and what we learned about the characters through this process.

We’ll talk tips on creating authentic characters and will wrap up with a group exercise. We’ll pick two characters from Finding Perfect or another book of the classroom’s choosing and write an original poem or scene in two points of view. For instance, Molly and Ian’s POV’s on Mom’s absence or Molly and Hannah’s POV’s on the walk to school where Molly freezes or Kate and Molly’s POV’s on the beaded necklaces or Perfect Molly and Other Molly’s perspectives on the math test. The dual perspective will not only further the students’ understanding of POV in books, but the activity will also increase their awareness of the unique lens we each see the world.


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