Who are you? A workshop on identity and teaching, embracing and promoting empathy.

(This workshop includes the unfolding identity project.) 45-60 min.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll focus on identify, self-awareness, and empathy. All themes embraced by the characters in Finding Perfect. And, while Molly’s situation may seem unique, we’re all a little like Molly—the person we present to the world is not always in perfect alignment with the person we are inside. With the elementary and middle school students, we’ll tackle the unfolding identity project, where we’ll explore folding and unfolding our identity. We’ll begin with a writing exercise. You can download the full exercise here. Through this project we will discover how we view ourselves—what we believe, our strengths/weaknesses, fears, dreams, interests, and viewpoints, and how we feel others perceive us—who we are, what we believe, our strengths/weaknesses, fears, dreams, interests, and viewpoints. In the end, we will see how no one is just one thing. Together each student is a blend of attributes, inside and out!

With middle school classes, we will also take the identity discussion on line. What does your on line profile and pictures say about you?

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